Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

As I have written many times previously, change is not my best friend.  Especially change that I have not chosen.  With this in mind, I ask the questions ….

Why do those closest to me, have to have their own lives?  Why do their lives have to affect me and my life?  You know what I mean?  I’m talking about having babies or moving house or getting ill or getting married or just deciding to change their job!

I am sure it has happened to many of you before but this week my General Practitioner left me!  Yes!  After many years he just up and left me!  How rude!  He did send me a letter and I did go to say goodbye and thank you, and tears may have been shed but then he left me!  I have never felt so abandoned before – except when my hairdresser of 30 years did exactly the same thing!  She left me!  Don’t these people realise that I need them in my life?  That they are my safe place when the storm arrives?  I can not believe that they think that their health, children, marriage, future or sanity is more important than mine!!

Hairdresser break up

Oh sure, they have recommended a replacement but that new person doesn’t know me!  How can they possibly know that to part my hair on the other side looks stupid because we tried it in 1988!  How can they possibly know that sometimes I just book a long appointment because I know by this time in the week, my GP might need a break to talk about the cricket or their kid’s school?  Surely, I’m not just another patient / client to them?  Am I?

I can't believe it's over

The grieving I feel is real but it is also important to move on ….. fairly quickly.  But how do I do that?  Easier with a hairdresser – I just grew my hair longer!  But a doctor?  My health is pretty crap, both mentally & physically, most of the time.  Do I send out a job description?  Applicants please send your CV to this email address ….  Or do I go by word of mouth?  You know what I mean …. a friend of a friend of a friend’s mother recommends this person!!  Surely, all the local, bulk billing, free anytime I need them, doctor’s will want to have me as their patient!  Wouldn’t you?   Nup?  Me neither!!


So, I’m on the search for a new General Practitioner and I don’t have much time because my Centrelink claim for my pension has just been rejected – again – and I have another 49 page Challenge Document for them to complete!!  HELP!


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