Go Team!

I love sport!  I used to love playing it.  Athletics & netball were my thing.  I was good at both.  I’m not being a big head.  I was good.  Now I love to watch sport – live & on TV.  I am a faithful supporter of my team.  I wear their colours with pride.


When the Boys were young it was easy.  They swam in the Summer & played Australian Rules Football(AFL) in the winter.  As they grew, it became more complicated.  They swam for their club & their school, and they played AFL for their club & football(soccer) for their school.  When they left school, things  became really complicated.  They played soccer for their club; came to watch the AFL live with me; stayed up half the weekend watching Premier League Football in England; travelled to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa; went to the F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne and never missed supporting the New Zealand All Black Rugby Union team on TV!

Haka 2014 a

Can you see my problem?  I love sport and I am a faithful supporter of my team.  I wear their colours with pride!  I now have 3 major teams and a multiple of minor teams I support.

I love the New Zealand All Blacks (yes Richie – I am single at the moment!); the Brisbane Lions AFL team and Arsenal in the Premier League!  I also, support the Brisbane Roar, Gregory Terrace, the Auckland Blues, Queensland Bulls, whatever club the Boys are playing for, the Socceroos and all good cricket no matter who is playing (yes sometimes it is just easier to sit on the fence!)

Keeping the colours under control can be a challenge.  Especially on days when all or most of MY teams are playing on the same day!  This happens frequently because I support different sports in different countries. Today is one of those days and I can’t wait!

My day begins with BabyBoy playing his football final in navy blue, followed immediately by finding a TV close by, to watch the All Blacks playing South Africa in …. black.  This will finish just in time for the the 2nd semi final of the AFL where my team are no longer involved but I have to choose between the purple of Fremantle & the teal of Port Adelaide!  My day will finish in the red & white of my beloved Arsenal playing Man City!  BossBoy is playing in his band tonight & they mostly wear black so I can double up there and BerlinBoy has gone surfing in Spain, so no need to pull on the green of his German club team.

Today could turn out to be one of the happiest days for me in a while or it could turn out to be really, really bad.  Either way I will be doing my own version of the Colour Run today!

colour run

My Little Home!

A about year ago, I sold the home, our family had lived in for 21 years.   It was hard! It was time!  Did I say it was hard?

It was the home that our boys grew up in.

It had a cricket pitch in the yard, which was  rumoured to have halted the fitness campaign of an overseas cricket star, with a long term shoulder injury!

It had an indoor cricket pitch in the hallway which boasted many dings in the walls to symbolize sixes or fours, hit with pride using the handmade mini cricket bat!

It had a wonderful indoor soccer field (same hallway different season) where hall soccer was played on the knees after a visiting soccer star was rumoured to have given himself a decent bout of concussion, after going for a header – only to hit his head on the ceiling!

It had the best AFL oval you could ever want, with cathedral ceilings & well made couches just perfect for taking speccies over ones brother!  This also, sometimes became a wrestling ring, where strategically placed furniture hid holes in the wall, after the odd knee or foot went through!

The only trouble was – that there were no longer any Boys living at  home to make use of the facilities and the Groundsman had gone to live in the place that is perfect in every way and the drinks carrier was tired of trying to keep the Sports Centre in tip top shape for those once a year tournaments.

So I sold our family home.  And it was hard!

I now have my own little home.  It doesn’t have the palatial arenas that our family home had, but it is full of love & laughter & tall tales of achievements of sporting glory from days gone by.  It is still the place that sportsmen gather to dissect the game and  bring their injuries to the best first aider in the business.  And one day, I hope it will draw the next  generation of sportsmen & women to create their own arenas and  tall tales to share on those special family get together’s.

And then it won’t be so hard!

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