Late night action!

It’s late at night.  The clock is ticking towards midnight and the majority of women my age are heading towards bed or have been tucked up for some hours.  Some may be dozing in front of the TV, too tired to make the final trek to the bedroom.  But ME …. oh no not ME!  I may have been dozing in front of the TV for the previous few hours but the minute that clock ticks over 10:30pm, I am awake and ready for some late night action!

I look around my house and the washing machine is working overtime.  The oven is happily baking some chocolate brownie.  I am stripping the sheets off my bed and remaking it with abandon!  I am in the middle of cleaning my silver.  Silver, that I have just discovered, when I was emptying the last few boxes from my move into this unit – 2 years ago!  The rest of the contents of the boxes are sorted into piles on the kitchen floor, waiting to be   KEPT    DONATED   or   THROWN OUT!   The cricket happily plays on the TV in the back ground, the footy having already finished for the night!


Man, am I getting some late night action!

What needs to be said is that I am not a natural house keeper.  In fact, I loathe housework.  I admire a clean and tidy house … but usually it belongs to someone else and I am just a visitor!  I wish I could afford a cleaner.  It would truly be heaven on Earth for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nice things and a lovely home. I just wish it would keep itself clean and tidy.  Of course, my family is all grown up and gone now, so you would think I would be able to do a pretty good job of keeping my space nice but Fev is a very fluffy FurBaby who likes to share her fur with everyone and everything!


But I digress …..

Every so often, about once a month, I get the urge to clean and organise my home.  Unfortunately, this always seems to be after 10:30 pm!  This girl who didn’t get any nesting urges during her 3 pregnancies; who never ever makes it to the top of Mt Washmore; who doesn’t experience any endorphin rush during or after exercise – suddenly needs to do all of the things, at the same time, on the same night!

Mess 2

Why?  Where does this ridiculous need come from and why does it inhabit my body and mind so late at night?  Surely, doing housework in the morning or afternoon would be much more sensible, let alone productive?  I have to consider my neighbours so I can’t do anything that makes too much noise.  That is why my floor always seems to need vacuuming when I get visitors!  I just don’t feel like doing it in the daytime and I’m considerate during the night!  After much thought and consideration, it suddenly dawns on me that I do remember my Mum doing similar things.  actually, at 85, she still does   most of her work in the evenings and is never in bed much before midnight!  Just another thing to blame my parents for!!

Mess 1


Productivity v Procrastination.

Yesterday was one of those wonderful days.  Full of productivity and procrastination.  How can it have been both, you ask?  Let me explain!

For the last couple of months I have been suffering with increasing pain, from an angry bursa in my right shoulder.  It has meant that neither my sleep nor the use of my right arm has been good.  So last Monday, I had an ultrasound and eventually, a cortisone shot in the grumpy shoulder.  You may well ask why I let it go for so long before getting it seen to?  Well, the truth is that I have had the same problem before and spent $7k on an operation to get it fixed.  I was so angry and disappointed with the result, that I could not begin to even consider the expense of having it done again.  So, I put up with it!   But then I began to wonder (as the pain increased) if it was, in fact, the left shoulder I had had the surgery on – the other shoulder.  Do you know that I simply could not remember which shoulder it was?  I searched for paperwork to no avail.  I had people check me for the keyholes – still no luck.  So I took myself off to the GP and sure enough, it was indeed my other shoulder.  My left shoulder, that had been operated on less than 12 months ago, was doing very well thank you very much but my right shoulder was grumpy and sore.  I can’t believe I couldn’t remember which shoulder I had in a sling etc for all those weeks!!!

Anyway, armed with a newly cortisoned shoulder (can you see what I did there?) by yesterday it was beginning to feel better.  There were jobs to be done that had been lying around in wait for some time e.g. the clothes situation from 

Blog bedroom

Today would be the day to tackle that and I proceeded to pile all the clothes onto my bed!

So I began ……….  vacuuming  and then I mopped the floors!  It made sense to me!  They were both jobs that were desperately overdue and it made my Unit smell clean and fresh.  Next I tackled the bathrooms;  I did two loads of washing; emptied the inside bins and cleaned the cat litter box; scrubbed out and refilled the bird bath – then I stood and watched the birds enjoy the fresh cool water!

As it was a hot day, I then turned on the airconditioner and had a cooling shower and  a few minutes on the couch, before tackling the chicken satay I was keen to make for dinner.  All went to plan and a clean fresh Mandy, sat down in a clean fresh house, to eat my yummy dinner, washed down with a delicious gin & tonic!

satay & glasses

It was about this time that the arm broke off my glasses!  I tried to stick it together with tape but it would not work.  I tried wearing them with only one arm but they just kept slipping off!  These were my TV watching glasses and I had at least two football games to watch yet, so I was not all that impressed.  Anyway, I had a good dinner in a clean house so I thought I shouldn’t really be mad – although watching TV with my reading/computer glasses was blurry to say the least.  Much later I wandered contentedly into my bedroom to get ready for bed to be greeted by this ……..

Clothes 1

I had completely forgotten that I had intended to attack the clothes situation!  There they  were.  Piled three stories high. On my bed!  Mt Washmore!  I felt like screaming.  I, once again had put off  doing the thing that was stressing me out the most.

Clothes 2

Now I could focus on what I didn’t do or I could focus on what I did do.  I chose the latter.  Well done, I told myself.  Tomorrow I would do the clothes!  Tomorrow!

This morning I woke up feeling as if my shoulder and me had been hit by a bus!  Yes, I had completely over estimated the ability of my shoulder.  I had totally over done it.  I could not even stretch my arms to brush my hair ….. so ….. once again the clothes would have to wait for another day or two!  How annoying – not!  Yes it would be a day on the couch, watching TV through my broken glasses.

Wonky glasses
Wonky glasses but nice shaped eyebrows!

But be warned people – if you visit me this week, you WILL  be sorting and folding clothes!

Weekend over!