When Cats Go Rogue!

For 7 years, FurBaby Fevola (Fev for short)  has been my mostly, well-behaved and entirely loveable companion.  She came to us as a gorgeous rescue baby that BabyBoy picked out from a litter at the Vet Clinic.  It was during a time of stress and sadness, which lead up to the death of my husband and the Boys Dad.  BabyBoy needed a little joy in his life – enter Fevola the female kitten.  She was named after AFL  bad boy Brendan Fevola but she was anything but bad.

Baby Fev

Who couldn’t love that thing?  Not me!

After a few years, BabyBoy grew up and moved out and Fev became my constant companion.  I have previously, written about her here.  She has always been a loving, loyal, intelligent cat.  She loves a chat.  And a play.  And usually can be found snuggled up on me or next to me, the minute I sit down.  She is a highly amusing and entertaining pet.

Fev basinFev table

That is until the last few weeks.  My beautiful FurBaby has become very naughty and quite destructive.  She has decided to attack my very special favourite chair, which is slowly becoming a tattered wreck.

2015-09-23 22.17.52 When I can catch her doing it, I have tried removing her from the room; making a loud noise; covering the chair; giving her alternative scratching posts – all to no avail!  Finally, I decided on squirting her with water.  She does not like that at all and runs away as soon as she sees the water bottle.

Success at last! Or maybe not ……

FurBaby Fev has now decided that sleeping in the linen cupboard is much better than sleeping with me at night.  Now all my clean linen is constantly covered in fur!  Yes, I do close the cupboard door and Yes, she can open it herself!   She has also decided to claw my clothes, when she used to just settled down on my lap.  Today, she completely wrecked one of my good tops by pulling the threads.  When I picked her up to remove her, she BIT ME!!!!!  And drew blood!!!  Oh yes, and then there is this little number that she decided to do on my curtains.

2015-09-22 21.39.00

Who me???

2015-09-22 21.37.57

Yes you!

2015-09-22 21.38.16

I love my FurBaby to the moon and back.  My Boys have always been told  “Don’t make me choose between the cat and you!  Because you will be disappointed!!”  But I do not like her anti social behaviour.  I am very aware that I have been away a lot over the last 5 months due to family issues.  I did try to explain it to Fev and I did make sure she was very well cared for while I was away.  She seems to have totally disregarded my efforts!

Basically, I’m too old for this nonsense.  Any cat whisperers out there got any suggestions?  HELP!

PS: She continues to claw my chair when I am out!

Fill ‘er up!

Feeling empty today?  I am.  No real reason, just the same old, same old!  I often fill up on unhelpful, non productive things when I feeling blue.  You know what I mean …. salt, fat, sugar, too much social media, too much junk TV etc!  So it got me thinking about what things do I look for that are helpful and kind to my soul?

This is my list of some of those things.

Music is always a soother for my soul.  Especially those YouTube clips from days gone by, often posted on social media by friends.  I always take these as a personal gift.

Flowers are that little piece of sunshine on a gray day.


Fev, my cat.  She purrs the moment I walk into the room.  Stroking her is the most soothing thing I know.  She comes when I need her ….. and when I don’t!

green eyed fev

Beautiful words, written in verse.  Beautiful words, uplifting through sayings and quotes. Beautiful words, printed simply on canvas or stuck on walls or framed to emphasize.

2014-02-04 08.13.47
My favourite wall in my home!

The ritual of making and drinking tea.  Teapots are some of my favourite things – especially when they are shared with friends.


Art in all it’s forms.  From Renoir to pictures created by the special kids in my life. The warmth and colour that seeps out of the frame or page or screen truly delights my heart.

50th tree
A gift from BossBoy, for my birthday a few years ago. BossBoy is an artist!

I’m know there are more things that fill my emptiness in a positive way and most of those are to do with people I love and admire – family, friends and sometimes thinking back over sporting moments I have I have shared with Adrian & my Boys.

Your turn now ….. What positive things do you fill your life with, when that empty feeling creeps up on you?

I can pee with the door open!

Did you ever have so many options that you didn’t know where to start?  You know, the jobs are piling up but your thoughts keep wandering to other things.  The weather is beautiful so the outdoors is calling.  The cricket is calling, so the TV beckons.  The tumble weeds, from your cat, are beginning to resemble a desert rather than your kitchen floor. Just one more level to be conquered on Candy Crush.  Bills to pay, phone calls to be made, groceries to be restocked, books to read, birds to watch, blogs to write …. and of course the really big one!

It is only 63 days until Christmas, people!!!!

Fev's fur tumbleweed!
Fev’s fur tumbleweed!

It was during one of these many days of options, that I thought about the things I love about living alone.  It doesn’t relate you say!  Oh for me it does – big time!  You see, when Adrian was alive and the kids still lived at home, my days of options were limited.  Indeed, mostly my days were mapped out for me around the needs of my family.  We went to swimming when the boys needed to.  To doctors appointments when necessary.  School events and social events revolved around the family.  Meals were expected at certain times to fit in with each persons busy schedule, as was the whole laundry thing!  I was teaching full time, so if stuff didn’t get done – chaos reigned!  I longed for the day when I could choose what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it.

Well, that day has arrived and it is everything I thought it would be.  I can wash when I run out of undies!  I can cook whenever and whatever I feel like eating.  I can stay up as late as I want and sleep in if I need to.  I can choose the food I buy and know that when I go to the cupboard for something …. it will still be there and unopened!  The toothpaste always has a top on it; the lights are always switched off when not being used; I can pee with the toilet door open; empty toilet rolls no longer can be found piling up on the floor …. need I go on?

It is truly everything I thought it would be – and worse!

Who knew that having so many options would do my head in so quickly?  Not me!  How annoying is it when the bathroom needs cleaning and you have no one to blame for the toothpaste on the mirror, but yourself?  How soul destroying is it get up in the morning, only to remember that you decided to make yourself a smoothie for dinner at 11:15 pm last night and so there is no milk for breakfast or even for your morning cuppa, until YOU drive to the shops to buy some?  Then of course there are the days when you have put something important in that special place, only to find you have no idea where that special place is any more!

You have to make the decisions!  You have to take the responsibility for those decisions – right or wrong.  No more arguments  I mean discussions, about who or what or when or where or how or how much.  Just options, for you to choose from.  It’s what you longed for or is it?

And then your kids come to stay or you have overnight visitors.  Schedules all of a sudden become important again.  You spend long hours chatting and eating and planning outings.  It is so much fun to prepare and consider and be a part of a team again. You realise that you have become quite sloppy and ill disciplined and that structure feels good and necessary and comfortable.  You bask in the inclusion – for a while!

Questions start to slip into your mind, like – How long are they staying?  Do we have to eat that …… now?  Would it be rude to chat with my laptop on my knee, playing Candy Crush at the same time? I’ll turn the sound off!!  Why can’t they put the toilet lid down?  Not to mention Fev’s antisocial behaviour that kicks in!!  You love these people of yours but something has changed.  You need your space more than ever before.  You need to choose the TV shows that you want to watch.  You need to be able to lie on the couch in your pj’s, if you really feel like it.  And mostly you need to be able to pee with the door open, so that the loose doorstop will NOT make that dragging sound every time you open or close the door!

Loose doorstop!
Loose doorstop!

Birds of a Feather.

My new home has a backyard with potential!

I’m not very good when it comes to gardens.  Don’t get me wrong, I love gardens – when other people do the work.  I am a terrific admirer of plants and flowers.  I love to eat vegetables freshly picked.  I would be happy to see brightly coloured flowers blooming in my yard.  I’ve even been known to plant and water things for awhile but then something happens.  I just seem to forget about them.  I stop walking outside for a few days and the next thing you know, I have dried arrangements in my pots and beds!

It totally annoys me because I think spending time in my garden would be good for me.  I’m sure it would help me with my depression.  But at the moment, I don’t really know where to start.

I planted a few flowers in the garden bed under my bedroom window.  The plan was to wake up, throw open the curtains and enjoy the colourful display.  Yeah, that was the plan!  I have dried arrangements!  Then a friend had filled an old wheelbarrow with soil and planted it with petunia’s.  It looked beautiful and you could move the display anywhere you wanted colour.  So I filled my old wheelbarrow and planted it full of seedlings.  One yellow pansy lived, just the one!  So I bought bulbs to replace the dead plants, thinking that I would plant them during Winter so that I would have a lovely spring showing.  The bulbs are still in the fridge (as the label said to do for 6 weeks prior to planting) and Summer is almost here!

The lawn is a mess of weeds and it is so dry and hard due to the lack of rain in Brisbane, that it needs real help.  I should Google a solution I guess!  My backyard has a multitude of palm trees that the previous owners planted.  About 11 if I remember correctly.  All dropping their dead fronds and nuts everywhere.  There are too many to put in my bin and so they are piling up around the edges of the yard.  I really want to remove those palms …… forever!   I’m certain that getting rid of the palms would solve all my garden problems.  But it will cost money that I don’t have at the moment.

I have an ugly besser block retaining wall at the back of my yard, that is screaming to have something droopy and lovely growing or should I say, cascading over it.  The soil at the top is so hard I can’t even dig a spade or fork into it!  It has a broken watering system that sprays everywhere but on the garden beds.  Need I go on?

Abi hose 1

My new home has a backyard with potential!  But all I can see is what it doesn’t have. That is, until I look at my $40 Bunnings plastic birdbath and my lovely wooden bird feeder, that was a gift from my Secret Santa last year, hanging from my fence.

You see, I have the busiest birdbath in the neighbourhood!  My birdbath is so busy that I often have to fill it twice a day.  My regular visitors come in pairs and drink and splash and chirp and chortle all the day long.  I have Currawongs, Peewees, Native Pidgeons, Noisy Miners, Rosellas, Honeyeaters, Butcher Birds, Magpies, Silvereyes, Lorikeets, Crows, Superb Fairy Wrens and even a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo!

I get such joy as I watch their antics and yes, there seems to be a definite pecking order for the use of the facilities!  Although, today I witnessed 2 different bird species bathing together.  They splash and preen in the water, then perch on the fence to fluff and flutter until they are dry again.  Next, it is off to the bird feeder to peck and nibble to their hearts content.  Sometimes they feed first, then bathe and they often return more than once a day.

Fev (my FurBaby cat) and I spend many a moment watching and marvelling at their agility as they fly around my yard.  They often come right up to the windows to persecute Fev and she chases them from room to room.  Trying desperately to stalk them through the windows.  As Fev is an indoor cat, both birds and feline remain safe and almost certainly use this as a game!


So now, instead of only seeing the potential of my backyard.  I, also see the beauty that is already there.  I am grateful for that little plastic birdbath.  I helps me to be patient about all the rest of the backyard potential, waiting to be fulfilled.