So Embarrassed Right Now…

I’ve just done the walk of shame …… and it cost me $86!!!

It’s a catastrophe of Fevtastic proportions.  My dear, sweet, beautiful cat has been kicked out of the cat groomers and told not to come back!

Proud Fev

Something has changed they said.  She was aggressive and hissing and spitting and fighting the whole visit!  I have never heard Fev hiss or spit before.  I am in shock!   Has something happened they asked, as there has never been a problem before according to the notes?  They keep notes at the Cat Groomers!!!

I explained that she had been checked over by the vet recently and everything was fine physically.  I mentioned that there had been some anti – social behaviour recently but that I felt that it was caused by my frequent trips away caused by a family death.

Could it be that I had just got rid of  said goodbye, to some house guests that had meant a change in sleeping arrangements for both Fev and I?

The head groomer, said it was probably a combination of all of the above and would I be able to spend some quality, quiet time with my pet?  Maybe even get her a water fountain to drink from, as she had been most aggressive when they had started to shower her!  It was then that she mentioned that she was suffering from a bad back and she really didn’t think she would be able to groom Fev again – unless things changed drastically!

Fev water

As I picked up Fev in her cat carrier, it didn’t seem right to mention that she already has a water fountain.  With a heavy heart I wondered how settled she would become when BerlinBoy arrived home, in a few weeks, after  3 years away?  They weren’t what I would call close!!!! 

BerlinBoy Fev

After, doing the walk of shame to the car and driving the drive of shame home, I let my half-dried, still very fluffy cat out of the cat carrier.  I remembered the last time Home Grooming had taken place!

Home grooming Fev

It was then that I wondered whether the sharp jet of water from a spray bottle that I been using to stop her scratching my chair, had exacerbated the problem!  It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Oh dear, being a parent is soooooo hard!

When Cats Go Rogue!

For 7 years, FurBaby Fevola (Fev for short)  has been my mostly, well-behaved and entirely loveable companion.  She came to us as a gorgeous rescue baby that BabyBoy picked out from a litter at the Vet Clinic.  It was during a time of stress and sadness, which lead up to the death of my husband and the Boys Dad.  BabyBoy needed a little joy in his life – enter Fevola the female kitten.  She was named after AFL  bad boy Brendan Fevola but she was anything but bad.

Baby Fev

Who couldn’t love that thing?  Not me!

After a few years, BabyBoy grew up and moved out and Fev became my constant companion.  I have previously, written about her here.  She has always been a loving, loyal, intelligent cat.  She loves a chat.  And a play.  And usually can be found snuggled up on me or next to me, the minute I sit down.  She is a highly amusing and entertaining pet.

Fev basinFev table

That is until the last few weeks.  My beautiful FurBaby has become very naughty and quite destructive.  She has decided to attack my very special favourite chair, which is slowly becoming a tattered wreck.

2015-09-23 22.17.52 When I can catch her doing it, I have tried removing her from the room; making a loud noise; covering the chair; giving her alternative scratching posts – all to no avail!  Finally, I decided on squirting her with water.  She does not like that at all and runs away as soon as she sees the water bottle.

Success at last! Or maybe not ……

FurBaby Fev has now decided that sleeping in the linen cupboard is much better than sleeping with me at night.  Now all my clean linen is constantly covered in fur!  Yes, I do close the cupboard door and Yes, she can open it herself!   She has also decided to claw my clothes, when she used to just settled down on my lap.  Today, she completely wrecked one of my good tops by pulling the threads.  When I picked her up to remove her, she BIT ME!!!!!  And drew blood!!!  Oh yes, and then there is this little number that she decided to do on my curtains.

2015-09-22 21.39.00

Who me???

2015-09-22 21.37.57

Yes you!

2015-09-22 21.38.16

I love my FurBaby to the moon and back.  My Boys have always been told  “Don’t make me choose between the cat and you!  Because you will be disappointed!!”  But I do not like her anti social behaviour.  I am very aware that I have been away a lot over the last 5 months due to family issues.  I did try to explain it to Fev and I did make sure she was very well cared for while I was away.  She seems to have totally disregarded my efforts!

Basically, I’m too old for this nonsense.  Any cat whisperers out there got any suggestions?  HELP!

PS: She continues to claw my chair when I am out!

FurBaby Fev.

I have a FurBaby called Fev.  When we first got her, she belonged to BabyBoy but seven years on she is well and truly mine. I’ve always been a cat person and have always had one or two cats in my life but never have I had a cat like Fev!

Fev was a rescue kitten from a litter given to our Vet to dispose of and man, did we hit the jackpot!  Just as we rescued her, so to has she rescued us.  Firstly, BabyBoy during those particularly tough years after his Dad passed away and secondly, ME – every minute during and after.  She was small and cute and mildly fluffy and had the best nature.  She was different to any of the other kittens/cats we had owned in that she was social …… all of the time!  If I was there, Fev was there.  If I moved to another part of the house, Fev followed.  She wanted to be near me all the time.  She quickly became my FurBaby.  My love for her grew.

Baby Fev

Fev is a totally indoors cat  because her ‘mildly fluffy’ fur became a ‘you must be joking furball’, that would pick up every grass seed, prickle and small insect nest if I let her outside.

Furball Fev

She has the most beautiful green eyes, is really tolerant and she is gentle – except when BabyBoy comes home for a visit!  I have hardly ever (maybe 3 times) heard her hiss or spit.  She plays ball and will bring it back to me if I throw it for her.  She likes to drink from the bathroom tap, even though she has her own running filtered water fountain.  She then likes to curl up in the cool basin for a snooze.

Basin Fev

Fev doesn’t really miaow either – she talks.  We have many conversations and we completely understand each other. She replies to all my questions and mostly tells the truth.  She runs to greet me after work and is quick to inform me when I have been on my laptop for too long!  She has a fun relationship with the birds and kangaroos that visit my yard.  They chat to her through the window and she chases them from room to room.  Fev always lies on top of me, if I am watching TV and accompanies me to bed each night.  I love her!  She is my best friend and my comfort.

But there are some things I do NOT like about Fev!  I don’t like that she leaves fur … EVERYWHERE!  On the bed, the furniture, the bathroom basin, my clothes, in the drawers.  I have even found fur in my fridge and pantry!!  I don’t like that she scratches my chairs and will not use a scratch pole or even a mat.  Sometimes, when I’m, not looking, she scratches other precious things that I love.

Abi scratch

I have a FurBaby called Fev, and yes she has an unfortunate name – thank you BabyBoy for that!  But  she has helped me in ways I did not think possible.  I get unconditional love (yes this is a cat I am talking about) and the ability to cuddle something whenever I want.  My home is never empty when I come home and I always feel needed.  She gives me far more than she takes from me.

Don’t make me choose, people!  Because as my Boys already know and my Body Corp found out.  I will choose FurBaby Fev – every time!

Curtain Fev