I’ve moved to a new site!

I have really exciting news … The Mandy Diaries has moved!

I hope you will join me at my new, brighter and friendlier home which can now be found here.

I’ve just uploaded a new post and I have a new Facebook page here.

I won’t be posting on this site anymore, please join me over at my new site by following the links.

Edit: The Mandy Diaries is continuing HERE 







5 thoughts on “I’ve moved to a new site!

    1. Not really Kathy but it would be a lot simpler if my web guru son, had not launched my new site and then immediately boarded a flight to Asia, where he is mostly uncontactable for the next month!! All glitches on hold …. because I know nothing!!!!! I do have a list for him to work on as soon as he arrives back in civilisation. Hang in there and be patient is my new motto!!

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