So Embarrassed Right Now…

I’ve just done the walk of shame …… and it cost me $86!!!

It’s a catastrophe of Fevtastic proportions.  My dear, sweet, beautiful cat has been kicked out of the cat groomers and told not to come back!

Proud Fev

Something has changed they said.  She was aggressive and hissing and spitting and fighting the whole visit!  I have never heard Fev hiss or spit before.  I am in shock!   Has something happened they asked, as there has never been a problem before according to the notes?  They keep notes at the Cat Groomers!!!

I explained that she had been checked over by the vet recently and everything was fine physically.  I mentioned that there had been some anti – social behaviour recently but that I felt that it was caused by my frequent trips away caused by a family death.

Could it be that I had just got rid of  said goodbye, to some house guests that had meant a change in sleeping arrangements for both Fev and I?

The head groomer, said it was probably a combination of all of the above and would I be able to spend some quality, quiet time with my pet?  Maybe even get her a water fountain to drink from, as she had been most aggressive when they had started to shower her!  It was then that she mentioned that she was suffering from a bad back and she really didn’t think she would be able to groom Fev again – unless things changed drastically!

Fev water

As I picked up Fev in her cat carrier, it didn’t seem right to mention that she already has a water fountain.  With a heavy heart I wondered how settled she would become when BerlinBoy arrived home, in a few weeks, after  3 years away?  They weren’t what I would call close!!!! 

BerlinBoy Fev

After, doing the walk of shame to the car and driving the drive of shame home, I let my half-dried, still very fluffy cat out of the cat carrier.  I remembered the last time Home Grooming had taken place!

Home grooming Fev

It was then that I wondered whether the sharp jet of water from a spray bottle that I been using to stop her scratching my chair, had exacerbated the problem!  It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Oh dear, being a parent is soooooo hard!

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