When Cats Go Rogue!

For 7 years, FurBaby Fevola (Fev for short)  has been my mostly, well-behaved and entirely loveable companion.  She came to us as a gorgeous rescue baby that BabyBoy picked out from a litter at the Vet Clinic.  It was during a time of stress and sadness, which lead up to the death of my husband and the Boys Dad.  BabyBoy needed a little joy in his life – enter Fevola the female kitten.  She was named after AFL  bad boy Brendan Fevola but she was anything but bad.

Baby Fev

Who couldn’t love that thing?  Not me!

After a few years, BabyBoy grew up and moved out and Fev became my constant companion.  I have previously, written about her here.  She has always been a loving, loyal, intelligent cat.  She loves a chat.  And a play.  And usually can be found snuggled up on me or next to me, the minute I sit down.  She is a highly amusing and entertaining pet.

Fev basinFev table

That is until the last few weeks.  My beautiful FurBaby has become very naughty and quite destructive.  She has decided to attack my very special favourite chair, which is slowly becoming a tattered wreck.

2015-09-23 22.17.52 When I can catch her doing it, I have tried removing her from the room; making a loud noise; covering the chair; giving her alternative scratching posts – all to no avail!  Finally, I decided on squirting her with water.  She does not like that at all and runs away as soon as she sees the water bottle.

Success at last! Or maybe not ……

FurBaby Fev has now decided that sleeping in the linen cupboard is much better than sleeping with me at night.  Now all my clean linen is constantly covered in fur!  Yes, I do close the cupboard door and Yes, she can open it herself!   She has also decided to claw my clothes, when she used to just settled down on my lap.  Today, she completely wrecked one of my good tops by pulling the threads.  When I picked her up to remove her, she BIT ME!!!!!  And drew blood!!!  Oh yes, and then there is this little number that she decided to do on my curtains.

2015-09-22 21.39.00

Who me???

2015-09-22 21.37.57

Yes you!

2015-09-22 21.38.16

I love my FurBaby to the moon and back.  My Boys have always been told  “Don’t make me choose between the cat and you!  Because you will be disappointed!!”  But I do not like her anti social behaviour.  I am very aware that I have been away a lot over the last 5 months due to family issues.  I did try to explain it to Fev and I did make sure she was very well cared for while I was away.  She seems to have totally disregarded my efforts!

Basically, I’m too old for this nonsense.  Any cat whisperers out there got any suggestions?  HELP!

PS: She continues to claw my chair when I am out!

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