Some days I surprise myself and actually do what I call Adulting!  Today is one of those days.

What exactly is adulting?  Well, for me it’s a day when I do (all of the things)  some of the things, that need to be done.  That can mean basic stuff like getting out of bed, showering, eating and  brushing your teeth.

Snow white adulting

Important stuff like blogging, reading other people’s blogs, checking in with other social media and playing Candy Crush Saga!  Intertwined with all the basic stuff and important stuff is the additional stuff like washing the clothes, cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming!  Then there is the really hard stuff  like making phone calls, or going to collect the mail, or talking to my neighbours and actually hanging my washing outside on the clothesline!

Adulting 101

On an adulting day, I am able to multi task and usually do two or more of these things simultaneously!  I know – I even surprise myself on these days!

wow adulting

So today, for example, I have the dishwasher AND the washing machine running at the same time.  Yes, you read correctly the SAME time.  But there is more ….. I already have one load of washing pegged outside on the line, drying in the sun.  I  have, also, eaten a healthy breakfast, got dressed, fed the cat, mopped the first layer of cats fur up from under my bed AND pulled the vacuum cleaner out, in the hope of getting rid of the other hundreds of layers of Fev Fluff, from my bedroom!!

I’m trying desperately, to not get ahead of myself but I’m just a little bit excited because I’ve already written a couple of blog posts to be published later AND I’m drinking water!!!!

2015-09-22 10.31.47

Okay, I have eleven minutes before the next load of washing is ready to hang out and I’ve hit a roadblock ….. my neighbour is now sitting outside, near the fence where I need to hang out my washing!  Can I hang washing and talk to my neighbour?


I’m in luck – neighbour has gone inside, so washing will get hung out and small talking (blergh) will not be necessary!

How do you go with Adulting?  

What is your definition?

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