I’m a Little Teapot! #1

One of my happiest times of the day is the morning.  Immediately after I wake up, I begin my day with my pot of tea ritual.  Always a pot of tea.  I use a two cup pot and always heat the pot before adding the tea or the freshly boiled water.  I like my tea hot – burn your mouth hot – and I want it to stay hot right through to my second cup from the pot.

The following rhyme is quite representative of me, don’t you think?


Morning is the only time of day I make a pot of tea, even though I own  many teapots.  I collect them.  Each has its own story and I think it is about time I introduced them to you.

2015-09-04 17.58.57

The oldest teapot I own, belonged to my Nana Morris.  Her son, my Dad, brought it home from Japan, where he was posted as a 20 year old at the end of WWII.  My Dad was a member of the New Zealand Army, JForce, 1946-1948, who were part of the occupational forces, stationed at Hiroshima after the end of WWII.  While he was in Japan, he purchased two beautiful tea sets, one for his mother and one for his future wife, whom he hadn’t yet met!!  When my Nana passed away, the tea set was returned to my father and then when my Dad passed away it was given to me.  My sister has the one that Dad bought for his future wife, my Mum!

2015-09-04 18.01.46

2015-09-04 17.59.54It is a truly amazing story to me, that my Dad was able to bring home not one but two fine bone china tea sets, all the way from Hiroshima, Japan to Auckland, New Zealand with nothing being cracked, chipped or broken!  Each set consists of a teapot, milk jug, sugar basin and 6 tiny cups and saucers.  The exquisite dragon patterns are truly beautiful.

2015-09-04 17.58.04

Of course, this is not a tea set I use but rather I admire from inside my display cabinet.  Every time I look at it, I remember my Dad and his life changing time in Japan.  I wonder what horrors he must have seen, being at Hiroshima so soon after the bomb had been dropped.  I also, think of the care and thoughtfulness he showed by not only remembering to bring a gift for his much-loved Mum but also, at 20 years old to think far enough ahead of his future wife.

Japanese tea quote

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