Happy Birthday Little Blog!

I can’t really believe it but The Mandy Diaries is one year old!


What began a year ago, as an outlet for me to write out my feelings and thoughts, has connected me with people around the globe, in a way I would never have dreamed about.  As with any one year old, it has had it’s trying moments!  But with the help and encouragement of others around me, I am becoming more confident with the idea that I might have some ability to tell a story AND that people might actually enjoy reading my stories!!

One year olds continue to grow and develop.  You may notice that The Mandy Diaries will also continue to grow and develop.  Some changes are being made as I write but others will happen over the next few months when BerlinBoy comes home for a visit.  He will help me with some of the more technical bits I need to learn about.  All changes are being made in the hope of simplifying things for both, You, the reader, and Me, the writer.

Looking back on my very first post, twelve months ago, entitled “Starting” – I am very happy that I did – start that is!  But I’m most happy that I continued ….. for a whole year!

So thank you for coming on the Blog ride with me and buckle up because The Mandy Diaries is ready for its second year!

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