Taking Stock!

I thought I would share a template for Taking Stock, that  I found on Smaggle – which then introduced me to Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s blog!  It’s not something I have ever done before but I found it rewarding and helpful.

If you want to do it yourself, I’ve added a blank template at the end.  If you use it anywhere, please credit Pip with the idea.

Making : Headway with emptying the last 6 boxes from my move 2 years ago!!
Cooking : Delicious baked trout with my HelloFresh food ingredients box for dinner.

Baked trout

Drinking : Tea! Tea! Always tea!!
Reading :  Carry On, Warrior.  By Glennon Doyle Melton.  Again!  Because I love it, it speaks my language and it gives me hope and a good laugh.
Wanting : My furbaby, Fev, to stop clawing my favourite chair.  I have her nails clipped but she just won’t stop in between clips!
Looking : At the beautiful birds playing in my bird bath.
Playing : Candy Crush Saga …. addiction!!
Deciding : On dates to fly home to New Zealand for a family Christmas.
Wishing : I had a money tree in the backyard!
Enjoying : My lounge room curtains, 2 years after a curtain consultant said they are not fashionable and too busy for my space!!

Curtains Waiting : For the birth of my friend’s first grandchild.
Liking : Shake and Stir’s new production of Dracula.
Wondering : If I will ever get over my anxiety or at least be able to manage it enough to hold down a job again.
Loving : That my Boys, even though they are men – still call me to share their lives and loves and fears and dreams with me. I’m very blessed.
Pondering : On how to move forward with my blog.


Considering : Getting rid of my Foxtel due to financial constraints. I’ve already decided not to renew my football membership tickets next year for the same reason. For a sport mad person, this is a life changing sacrifice.
Buying : Early Christmas gifts!
Watching : Season 3 of Ray Donovan. 
Hoping : That having all my old palm trees removed from my little backyard, will inspire me to grow beautiful flowers and plants.
Marvelling : At my son, BossBoy’s, artistic talent.

Jon Drac
Cringing : At the amount of medication I am taking. But knowing that I need every single bit!
Needing : To change the “poor health story” running on loop through my brain.
Questioning : My decision to do hardly any ironing. I’m beginning to feel like a wrinkled mess most of the time!!
Smelling : The beautiful Lemon grass & Lime candle from Peppermint Grove.
Wearing : My new Du Jour Geo Navy Ruby Olive necklace.

Navy Necklace Following : The All Blacks progress through the Rugby World Cup.
Noticing : That I need new batteries for my smoke alarms as they are beeping at me.
Knowing : That I can do hard things but wishing I didn’t have to!
Thinking : That I really need to cut back on my screen time – especially around bed time. I know I sleep better when I do!
Admiring : My new short hair cut – now that I am learning to manage it.

2015-08-15 13.35.00
Sorting : Through old letters and documents from my mother in law’s move.
Getting : Really despondent at the governments inability to show compassion and care to so much of our community that needs a hand.
Bookmarking : dooce.com and  Meet Me At Mike’s
Coveting : The beautiful singing voice of Chloe Charles.

Disliking : The way Centrelink and other government departments, seem to make it so difficult for those of us that really need help – short-term. Especially, if you are actually trying to get well.
Opening : All the doors and the windows to let the early Spring warmth inside.
Giggling : At Adam Hills: The Last Leg on ABC on Saturday nights.
Feeling : Annoyed at my constant battle with my rotten facial hairs! Age and asthma medication make it an never ending harvest!
Snacking : On fresh Aussie oranges. After visiting a cousins citrus orchard – I just can’t stop!!

2015-08-04 14.27.51
Helping : Myself to all the cooking chocolate because I have no treats in the house.
Hearing : My neighbour’s car drive up and remembering that I need to book mine in for a service – soon!

Here’s a blank one if you want to do it too! Surprise yourself.

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

From Pip at Meet Me At Mikes

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