Late night action!

It’s late at night.  The clock is ticking towards midnight and the majority of women my age are heading towards bed or have been tucked up for some hours.  Some may be dozing in front of the TV, too tired to make the final trek to the bedroom.  But ME …. oh no not ME!  I may have been dozing in front of the TV for the previous few hours but the minute that clock ticks over 10:30pm, I am awake and ready for some late night action!

I look around my house and the washing machine is working overtime.  The oven is happily baking some chocolate brownie.  I am stripping the sheets off my bed and remaking it with abandon!  I am in the middle of cleaning my silver.  Silver, that I have just discovered, when I was emptying the last few boxes from my move into this unit – 2 years ago!  The rest of the contents of the boxes are sorted into piles on the kitchen floor, waiting to be   KEPT    DONATED   or   THROWN OUT!   The cricket happily plays on the TV in the back ground, the footy having already finished for the night!


Man, am I getting some late night action!

What needs to be said is that I am not a natural house keeper.  In fact, I loathe housework.  I admire a clean and tidy house … but usually it belongs to someone else and I am just a visitor!  I wish I could afford a cleaner.  It would truly be heaven on Earth for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nice things and a lovely home. I just wish it would keep itself clean and tidy.  Of course, my family is all grown up and gone now, so you would think I would be able to do a pretty good job of keeping my space nice but Fev is a very fluffy FurBaby who likes to share her fur with everyone and everything!


But I digress …..

Every so often, about once a month, I get the urge to clean and organise my home.  Unfortunately, this always seems to be after 10:30 pm!  This girl who didn’t get any nesting urges during her 3 pregnancies; who never ever makes it to the top of Mt Washmore; who doesn’t experience any endorphin rush during or after exercise – suddenly needs to do all of the things, at the same time, on the same night!

Mess 2

Why?  Where does this ridiculous need come from and why does it inhabit my body and mind so late at night?  Surely, doing housework in the morning or afternoon would be much more sensible, let alone productive?  I have to consider my neighbours so I can’t do anything that makes too much noise.  That is why my floor always seems to need vacuuming when I get visitors!  I just don’t feel like doing it in the daytime and I’m considerate during the night!  After much thought and consideration, it suddenly dawns on me that I do remember my Mum doing similar things.  actually, at 85, she still does   most of her work in the evenings and is never in bed much before midnight!  Just another thing to blame my parents for!!

Mess 1


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