Fill ‘er up!

Feeling empty today?  I am.  No real reason, just the same old, same old!  I often fill up on unhelpful, non productive things when I feeling blue.  You know what I mean …. salt, fat, sugar, too much social media, too much junk TV etc!  So it got me thinking about what things do I look for that are helpful and kind to my soul?

This is my list of some of those things.

Music is always a soother for my soul.  Especially those YouTube clips from days gone by, often posted on social media by friends.  I always take these as a personal gift.

Flowers are that little piece of sunshine on a gray day.


Fev, my cat.  She purrs the moment I walk into the room.  Stroking her is the most soothing thing I know.  She comes when I need her ….. and when I don’t!

green eyed fev

Beautiful words, written in verse.  Beautiful words, uplifting through sayings and quotes. Beautiful words, printed simply on canvas or stuck on walls or framed to emphasize.

2014-02-04 08.13.47
My favourite wall in my home!

The ritual of making and drinking tea.  Teapots are some of my favourite things – especially when they are shared with friends.


Art in all it’s forms.  From Renoir to pictures created by the special kids in my life. The warmth and colour that seeps out of the frame or page or screen truly delights my heart.

50th tree
A gift from BossBoy, for my birthday a few years ago. BossBoy is an artist!

I’m know there are more things that fill my emptiness in a positive way and most of those are to do with people I love and admire – family, friends and sometimes thinking back over sporting moments I have I have shared with Adrian & my Boys.

Your turn now ….. What positive things do you fill your life with, when that empty feeling creeps up on you?


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