1 July! It Comes Around!

Have you ever noticed how life is a series of never-ending circles?  So many events seem to happen at the same time each year.  Never  the same but often life changing.  This has been brought more clearly into focus by an app called Timehop, that takes me back over the last, however many years I’ve been attached to this thing called Social Media, and shares with me the things I deemed sharable with the world!

In my world, 1 July is a significant day ….

6 Years ago – I was sick!  Nothing much has changed there!!

5 Years ago –  All of my Boys were in Europe having the adventure of their lives.

4 Years ago – I was travelling with my darling God daughter, Abigail and her family to the country, to spend a weekend with my dear farming friends.

3 Years ago – I put my moisturizer on before I took my glasses off!!!  Not wise!

2 Years ago – I moved out of my home of 21 years and moved into my new Unit.

1 Year ago – I got a beautiful new bed and realised I was suffering from pretty bad anxiety.

Today – I am starting the new financial year with no financial security and very little mental stability and poor general health.

Yes, 1 July has always been an interesting day of reflection and insight for me.  Not counting, of course, the day 3 years ago I decided to put my moisturizer on over my glasses …

For those of you wondering about my job loss.  Due to my fluctuating anxiety and depression and to changing structures within the company, my ability to be a productive staff member was no longer possible.  My bosses and workmates had been carrying and caring for me for about a year (maybe longer) and it was with sadness that we parted ways.  What will remain is the personal care that I have been receiving.  Not only have the friendships developed become forever friendships but my bosses have made room for me to be employed for a few hours a week at the ballet school they run.  This will be enormously helpful, in giving me a stable something to get up and go to each week while I continue to work on my mental health issues.  I am so blessed with people around me, that continually put themselves out to support me.

Now I know you are thinking this when I say Ballet School …

Young ballet dancers at a ballet class standing against the wall listening to the instructions from the ballet teacherUnfortunately, the reality would be much more like this …


Well, neither are true!

The truth of my work will be more like this …


And this …


So life as of 1 July, continues to have its challenges but what amazing things I have to be grateful for?  I have a home and friends and family.  I have food and clothing and transport.  I have doctors and medication and a brain that can still learn things.  I have art and music and animals.  I have sport and books and the internet. I have faith and a growing self belief and peace.

And every 1 July, I know I am alive and will continue to be ready for whatever comes around.

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