Soul Music!

I’m a feeling person.  Things move me.  I cry … a lot.  When I’m happy and when I’m sad and when I’m really angry and when I see or feel injustice. I love a good drama show on TV.   I laugh … a lot.  I like to play with words and I admire well written humour.  Sometimes, my heavy feelings get the better of me and I forget the things that make me laugh or make me happy.  Sometimes, I need to remind myself of the things that lift me up and twirl me around.  Music moves me more than anything else I know.


We are a musical family and have been for a couple of generations.  Adrian was an incredibly talented pianist, who played all over the country in his younger days in talent shows and competitions.  My mother and her only sister, loved to sing and perform at Church concerts and youth gatherings in their younger days.  Of my generation on my mother’s side, many of my cousins sang and played guitar for church and youth nights and for our own enjoyment.  The next generation, however, have taken it to the next level and have been gigging in bands since they were at school – and still are.  They have taken their music to London and Berlin and continue to work towards fulfilling their dreams.  While some of their music is not my thing, the joy I get from seeing them develop and create is definitely my thing.

Jon Singing
Patdog drums

Music takes me places.  It transports me to and fro through the years and the memories.  I can be 14 years old going to my very first live concert, the minute that I hear Bennie and the Jets by Elton John.  Or at the local movie theatre at the beach watching Easy Rider when I hear Born To Be Wild!  The Beatles – Hello Goodbye – quickly transports me to a bus trip home from church, where I remember singing that song loudly all the way home!  I must have been about 9 or 10 years old and I thought I was singing out of the window and no none could hear me!  Sorry to all those passengers and thanks to Mum for not stopping me!!  Anything by Nirvana and I’m immediately the mother of an angst ridden 14 year old boy, who only wore black and appeared to not come out of his bedroom for about 3 years.  Sheena Easton takes me to a before kids, holiday in the South Island in New Zealand with Adrian. I could go on and on …..

Too often, I find myself in the grip of sad and heart wrenching songs that trigger memories of my marriage and the subsequent illness and death of my husband.  But as a tribute to him, every year, the Boys and I celebrate music appreciation and a glass or two of Port in his honour.  The music on those nights isn’t sad or morose.  No!  It’s mainly Graceland by Paul Simon or Captain Jack by Billy Joel  or anything by Elton John.

I need to constantly remind myself, that music can lift my soul and should be used for good!  It can make me want to dance, as I was reminded by an old friend the other day.  It helps me to feel alive and keeps me growing.  Many times the background noise of the TV, replaces the sounds of joy and happiness music can bring.  It’s time to switch off the TV and turn up the music.


It’s time to sing and dance!  It’s time to lift off and twirl!  It’s time to turn those corners up and smile!  It’s time to feed my soul ….. with music!

3 thoughts on “Soul Music!

  1. Music as you say can instantly transport you to a singular memory that rolls into others. Music is magic to enhance memories, the moment….and what might be….xx

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