Different But Yet The Same.

The invitation came months ago and hinted that it would be a wedding with a difference.  A morning wedding and on a Monday morning at that!  Sweet Love, it read, etched below their silver silhouettes.  And so we travelled across the Tasman Sea to celebrate this special day with my youngest nephew and his chosen one.

The day began early, with the ping alerting me of the arrival of a Snapchat!  It was the Bride and she was “getting her hair did!”  I thought back to that day almost 35 years ago, when I was “getting my hair did” and I smiled to myself and sent a crazy face reply.

Different but yet the same. 

Hayden watch

The ceremony took place outside and the groom mingled with the guests, waiting for his always punctual bride to make her entrance.  She was never late – except today!  A silly tradition that carries an edge, that soon fades into oblivion when the bride finally arrives.  Gasp!  She’s here and she’s beautiful!  That look when they see each other for the first time.  Eyes only for each other.  Tears pricking the eyes and that’s just the father of the groom!

Different but yet the same.

2015-02-23 11.12.34

The ceremony was filled with love and laughter and words spoken clearly and with sincerity.  There was happiness and togetherness everywhere, shared with a freedom and confidence that can only be felt when hands held are an indication of hearts united.  There was a casual feel but also a security in familiar words read and spoken as God blessed this sacred union and rings were exchanged.

Different but yet the same.

2015-02-23 11.18.25

A kiss!  A cheer!  Applause!  Family and friends rejoiced and even basked in the love that radiated from the new Mr & Mrs!  Then there was hugs to be given, photographs to be taken, games to be played, chat to be had, food and drinks to be tasted.  During the next couple of hours, there was time to enjoy and relax and fill our memories to overflowing.   Feet felt like they never touched the ground – theirs and ours!

Different but yet the same.

Multiple Hayden & Ran Faces

The entrance into the wedding breakfast was our chance to surprise them.  A sea of their own faces greeted them, by way of bride and groom masks, provided by the MC.  They delighted in the thoughtful, fun gesture.  More food, drink and conversation around the beautifully dressed tables.  Heartfelt speeches and man hugs were a highlight, with every guest privileged to be included within the family and friendship circles that grew this impressive couple.  Thoughtful gifts given to all the guests and most especially to the attendants, parents and special helpers were so appropriate and will forever serve to gently transport us back to that time and place – for years to come.

Different but yet the same.

2015-02-23 10.27.07 2015-02-23 10.25.43

2015-02-23 11.24.28

A guard of honour was just so right!  Light sabres led the way to their new life together.  A true indication of their fun life together.  The Force will be with you always!  As will our love and prayers for you.  After the guests had departed and family was left to help the couple pack up their things and climb into a cab – we knew that they were beginning a wonderful, love filled, not always easy journey together – marriage.  And we would be there to help carry the load when it got hard.  But now, it was all good and right and wonderful ….. just as it should be.

Different but yet the same.

Light sabre


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