Sheep Stations – a Follow Up!

Well, the game was played and won by the Kiwi’s …… just!

The cousins are still talking to each other ……. just!  Gracious winning, it seems, just doesn’t run in some parts of the family – no matter which side of the ditch you live on!  Rightly so I say!!

2015-02-28 21.21.52

The enjoyment felt by the New Zealanders watching the Australian batsmen marching back to the pavilion with little or no runs, was only matched by the enjoyment felt by the Australians watching the New Zealand batsmen doing the same!

It was close – really close! And it will all happen again at some time in the semi finals or maybe even the final!  It will most likely be played in Australia for the next meeting, where 90,000 screaming supporters will well and truly match the 40,000 that showed up in New Zealand for the last match!  Then we will really know who the best is!

2015-02-28 15.17.53

Then there is the Kiwi / Indian brother from another mother, who is hoping for something quite different.

p.s. Sorry for the late follow up report but I have found writing more difficult when not in my own, quiet space.  Back home now, so be prepared for more regular Mandy Diaries!

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