Playing For Sheep Stations ….

I’ve been on holiday in New Zealand for just over a week now.  BossBoy & BabyBoy came with me and we attended a lovely family wedding which was so full of fun and happiness, that it deserves its own blog later. The weather has been sensational and we have mixed and mingled with our New Zealand family or whānau, in all sorts of happy gatherings.  We missed BerlinBoy and BabyBoy flew home last night – leaving BossBoy & myself to fly the Australian flag for the most important cricket match for a long, long time!

We love cricket in our family!  It doesn’t matter what side of the ditch we live on, we love  it!  We don’t always love the way the others love it but what is life without a bit of competition?

So the Kiwi cousins and the Indian/Kiwi brother from another mother – have taken the Aussie cousin to Eden Park, to cheer on their respective teams live!  While the older generation has been split up for their own relationships safety, to watch at different homes, on TV.

Some of the New Zealand cousins and their friends, caught on TV, supporting their beloved Black Caps!
Some of the New Zealand cousins and their friends, caught on TV, supporting their beloved Black Caps during a previous match!

You see, although some supporters of each country were born in or have lived in the opposite country – there is a fierce rivalry and eyes become one eyed and feelings are high!

Australian & New Zealand cousins before the match, at the wedding!!
Australian & New Zealand cousins getting on well at the wedding a week ago!

So the proclaimation being heard around the homes & at the pub & at the ground, the hour before the game has started, is “I don’t mind who wins, as long as it’s a good game!” and “I just want us to be competitive” and “I don’t expect us to win but …” and “Your team must be the favourite!”

Each is secretly hoping that their team will win and win well!   And each Mother is hoping that their child is a gracious winner/loser …… and then there is the Aussies!!!!!

See you after the game for a follow up.

p.s. Sheep Stations for those that haven’t heard it before –The phrase ‘playing for sheep stations’ has both a literal and ironic usage. Literally, it is used to encourage participants to play in a friendly and not too competitive manner. Playing sport or cards or a game of some sort, but not for prizes, one might say ‘take it easy, we’re not playing for sheep stations’. It could be used starting a game of cards or pool for example, to check whether the game would be played for money, beer, or just pride, asking ‘so, are we playing for sheep stations or what?’

Thanks Wikipedia!

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