When things go wrong!

You may have noticed, that I have been absent from all things bloggy of late!  This has been due to some major computer problems, which culminated in the purchase of a brand spanking new Apple MacBook Air!  Although, this has stretched my budget to the absolute limit, my old Toshiba laptop had been working long and hard for 6 years and all agreed that in computer years – that meant time for retirement.  So, today I begin a new era of technology (for me) with a light bank account and a happy heart.  But anyone who knows me will tell you, that this is not a luxury but a necessity for my mental health!

2015-02-05 17.20.30

I have learned a few things in the barren wasteland that was no computer time!  I learnt, that all of sudden, I had lots of things I wanted to say!  I learnt that I am an impulsive writer, in that I like to write about things as I am feeling them.  When I jot notes or write down posts and then come back to the words later – I am often dissatisfied with my result.  Most of my posts are written as they happen or at least immediately after, with little or no editing or filtering.  Some would say this is a dangerous way to write and publish a blog – but for me …. I want you to feel the real me!  In life, I’ve never been much of a self editor.  What you see and hear is pretty much what you get with me and I want The Mandy Diaries to be the same.  Yes, it has sometimes gotten me into trouble but I would rather take the risk.  Some things, however, are worth sharing much later and that I will certainly do.

Probably, the most amazing thing that I have discovered, since having my Mac, is that I have amazingly fast internet access!  All these years I have been blaming my internet provider for the at times, slow connection, when it seems it has been my poor, old laptop that has been struggling to keep up!  Definitely a win on my behalf!

So, what, you may ask, has been happening in my little corner of the world?  Plenty and this post may turn out to be a bag of licorice allsorts!

I sent a picture text to the wrong person!  Have you ever done that?  I have received them but never before had I accidentally sent one.  I was running late for work on a ridiculously humid morning and I meant to send this message to my mate at work as an explanation for my lateness BUT I sent it to my PHARMICIST instead!!!!!!!!!

2015-01-28 08.37.35

The second part was the message I sent the moment I realised what I had done – but too late!!  I am still to venture into the store since but have spoken to them on the phone – total embarrassment!  BossBoy was the lucky son that had to pick up my meds!

I’ve learned, once again, the valuable lesson – that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  

Contacted by my telco service provider, telling me that they could serve me better by bundling my phone, internet & pay TV services together, I embarked on a full and non-impulsive checking of the details provided.  Having been promised NO change in my pay TV channels but double the amount of internet available and many free calls for my phone service for less money – one week later – they called me back and I said yes I would go ahead with their suggestions!  BIG MISTAKE!!  Of course it was not possible to go through the lovely Henry that promised me all these things but Alicia knew all about it and she transferred me to Richard who was able to transfer me to Brett who made the changes!   It took 10 minutes to make the changes.  That night I was busy so didn’t watch TV but I did notice in the morning that I had a few failed recordings on my IQ!  It wasn’t until BabyBoy arrived and noticed that I no longer had high-definition (HD) working on my TV, that I realised things were not quite right.

So I emailed Richard to call me back but after a couple of hours of waiting, I rang the pay TV people and got the lovely Denise who said it was an issue with my new bundle that did not have HD included and I would have to contact my Telco service provider!  So I rang and asked for Henry or Alicia or even Richard but they were all unavailable so Janice would have to do!  I told her what I had been promised and after talking to her manager (You are in BIG trouble Henry!!!), I was told that as a favour to me they would honour my initial bundle that had been previously promised.  I was put through to the lovely Brad at the pay TV people and it took him 10 minutes to reconnect my HD.  Good I thought !!!


I now had HD but still didn’t have all my previous channels!!  Now I was really mad!!!  I called back asking for Janice but of course she was unavailable and Henry, Alicia or Richard were not there either.  So a lovely fellow called Tom helped me!  He told me that what I wanted was not part of the bundle and would cost an additional $80 making my new charges $20 more than I had previously been paying!!!!  The words I WANT TO VOID THE NEW BUNDLE hissed from my mouth!  I was told that this was possible and that they would absorb any disconnection fees as a goodwill gesture.  (Like I was going to pay that anyway).  It would take 48 hours to correct the problem and after that time I could resume watching my pay TV!!! BUT IT ONLY TOOK 10 MINUTES EACH TIME YOU DID CHANGES BEFORE hissed from my mouth!  I was told it took longer to void the thing but to remember that I was not being charged for the work!!  I ALMOST EXPLODED!!

It was done in 24 hours and I’ve since had check up call backs from Tom, Richard, Janice and I eventually told Alicia I did not want anymore calls to my number from them.

I wonder what happened to Henry!

2015-02-06 11.19.19

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