Crocs, Bingo Wings and Sales!

Yesterday I did my version of the Boxing Day Sales shopping.

Armed with my list of

Essentials I didn’t get for Christmas

  • diary
  • calendar
  • small backpack for if / when I go walking on Straddie again

and my list of

Wants / Desires / Maybe’s

  • replacement Mac blotting powder (medium)
  • try any sort of Jo Malone perfume
  • shoes for a wedding in Feb to match a dress I haven’t even chosen

I made my way to the Mall that was previously known as Indooroopilly Shoppingtown. In the year or so since I have ventured there, it has been fully renovated and  it shall evermore be known to me as Where The Hell Am I?   Don’t get me wrong – it is indeed impressive … if you can find a park!  Which I did because I was early.  It is huge and everything is in a different place and there is soooooo much more than I remember …. maybe double more!!

I began shopping where every great shopper does – on my second  list!!  After wandering around for an hour or two, I had nothing.  Zip zilch nada nothing!  I’m very sorry mam, but we don’t seem to have any medium blotting powder – but we do have light or medium dark if that would suit?   Of course it won’t suit, your consultant at the airport said medium is the colour I need!!!  Next shop – I’m very sorry mam, only our city store stocks Jo Malone perfume, but I have tried it and it is very beautiful and you have the ability to layer the levels and that way you can use the other Jo Malone perfume products to create your own version!   Yes, well that is entirely useful information but I only wanted a squirt to see if it gives me a headache, as many perfumes do.  You don’t happen to have yours in your handbag so I could try it before I go traipsing into the city for nothing?  By this time I had given up on the shoes for many and varied reasons – mostly related to maybe I should decide on the dress first … or at least a colour.

It was about this time that I turned the corner and I found this and it saved me!

2015-01-02 10.54.03

I then began on my first list and was able to quite quickly find everything on it and Get The Hell Out Of There and go home!

Now don’t get me wrong, I usually love shopping but at the moment it is riddled with all the things that make my anxiety levels high.  Driving in stressful conditions; talking to people who don’t know me; making decisions; spending money AND what to wear when I go to the mall!

The last one nearly did my head in yesterday.  It is hot and humid in Brisbane at the moment and I tried on 3 different outfits with sleeves before I said to myself Stuff it …. I am going sleeveless!  You see I have very flabby arms. Tuckshop lady arms!  Bingo wings!  I try to never leave the house with out covering them up.  I know that there are toning exercises that could help but as I have mentioned before I have a small internal voice that helps me with that! What I really want to know is if you see my flabby arms when I am shopping sleeveless on a hot day or is it only me that see them?  For the most part, when shopping, I only notice the smiles that couples and friends share, the weary looks on some of the  faces as they fit their kids  for new school shoes, the colourful Summery clothing worn and the buzz of the busy crowd.

It is sensible to go sleeveless in the heat so I did!  And was anyone looking?  I really don’t think anyone was looking at me. Anyway, if they were, it was probably because I accidentally wore my Crocs!!

2015-01-02 09.08.04

And we all know that  Crocs are not shoes!


2 thoughts on “Crocs, Bingo Wings and Sales!

  1. I’m with you …. sleeveless is the only way to go in this heat … and too bad if it offends anyone seeing my upper muscles … coolness and comfort comes first! You need a medal to go shopping in school holidays …. I avoid the shops as much as possible this time of year …. too many people!

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    1. I still have to find a dress & shoes for a NZ wedding in Feb to get! Not looking forward to that!! At least it won’t be so hot over there to buy for! I may even get away with covering the wings without dying!!!


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