Birds of a Feather.

My new home has a backyard with potential!

I’m not very good when it comes to gardens.  Don’t get me wrong, I love gardens – when other people do the work.  I am a terrific admirer of plants and flowers.  I love to eat vegetables freshly picked.  I would be happy to see brightly coloured flowers blooming in my yard.  I’ve even been known to plant and water things for awhile but then something happens.  I just seem to forget about them.  I stop walking outside for a few days and the next thing you know, I have dried arrangements in my pots and beds!

It totally annoys me because I think spending time in my garden would be good for me.  I’m sure it would help me with my depression.  But at the moment, I don’t really know where to start.

I planted a few flowers in the garden bed under my bedroom window.  The plan was to wake up, throw open the curtains and enjoy the colourful display.  Yeah, that was the plan!  I have dried arrangements!  Then a friend had filled an old wheelbarrow with soil and planted it with petunia’s.  It looked beautiful and you could move the display anywhere you wanted colour.  So I filled my old wheelbarrow and planted it full of seedlings.  One yellow pansy lived, just the one!  So I bought bulbs to replace the dead plants, thinking that I would plant them during Winter so that I would have a lovely spring showing.  The bulbs are still in the fridge (as the label said to do for 6 weeks prior to planting) and Summer is almost here!

The lawn is a mess of weeds and it is so dry and hard due to the lack of rain in Brisbane, that it needs real help.  I should Google a solution I guess!  My backyard has a multitude of palm trees that the previous owners planted.  About 11 if I remember correctly.  All dropping their dead fronds and nuts everywhere.  There are too many to put in my bin and so they are piling up around the edges of the yard.  I really want to remove those palms …… forever!   I’m certain that getting rid of the palms would solve all my garden problems.  But it will cost money that I don’t have at the moment.

I have an ugly besser block retaining wall at the back of my yard, that is screaming to have something droopy and lovely growing or should I say, cascading over it.  The soil at the top is so hard I can’t even dig a spade or fork into it!  It has a broken watering system that sprays everywhere but on the garden beds.  Need I go on?

Abi hose 1

My new home has a backyard with potential!  But all I can see is what it doesn’t have. That is, until I look at my $40 Bunnings plastic birdbath and my lovely wooden bird feeder, that was a gift from my Secret Santa last year, hanging from my fence.

You see, I have the busiest birdbath in the neighbourhood!  My birdbath is so busy that I often have to fill it twice a day.  My regular visitors come in pairs and drink and splash and chirp and chortle all the day long.  I have Currawongs, Peewees, Native Pidgeons, Noisy Miners, Rosellas, Honeyeaters, Butcher Birds, Magpies, Silvereyes, Lorikeets, Crows, Superb Fairy Wrens and even a Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo!

I get such joy as I watch their antics and yes, there seems to be a definite pecking order for the use of the facilities!  Although, today I witnessed 2 different bird species bathing together.  They splash and preen in the water, then perch on the fence to fluff and flutter until they are dry again.  Next, it is off to the bird feeder to peck and nibble to their hearts content.  Sometimes they feed first, then bathe and they often return more than once a day.

Fev (my FurBaby cat) and I spend many a moment watching and marvelling at their agility as they fly around my yard.  They often come right up to the windows to persecute Fev and she chases them from room to room.  Trying desperately to stalk them through the windows.  As Fev is an indoor cat, both birds and feline remain safe and almost certainly use this as a game!


So now, instead of only seeing the potential of my backyard.  I, also see the beauty that is already there.  I am grateful for that little plastic birdbath.  I helps me to be patient about all the rest of the backyard potential, waiting to be fulfilled.


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