The Abi Diaries (part one).

I don’t have a daughter!  Just three lively, creative boys.  Well, men actually, because that’s what they are now.  I have nieces & great nieces and I have god daughters and I have Abigail!  Abi is my youngest god daughter by about 20 years!  She came along when I thought my godmothering days of little girls had ended!  But I’m so glad they hadn’t!  I love and care about all my god children but Abi is something else!

I’ve known Abi’s mum since she was 6 years old.  She was one of the first helpers I met when we moved to Brisbane.  We were moving into a new church house and when the truck with our belongings arrived, who was there to help unpack but Abi’s mum and family!!  I can remember Abi’s mum opening the boxes with glee, proclaiming her wonderment at all the new and exciting things as she emptied  box after box!  On the floor!  Of any room she chose!!  I grabbed Adrian (my husband) & dragged him into the bathroom, whispering “Who are these people and do we have to like them?” 

But I digress … Abi came into my life almost a year after Adrian had died!  I was lonely & craving cuddles.  And then there she was, this gorgeous little pink bundle.  Shared so selflessly with me by her Mum & Nana.  I really didn’t think it was possible to love someone else’s child as much as your own but I soon found out – it is!  My heart was full to the brim with so much love.

Abi is 4 years old now and she sometimes comes to stay over at my place.  We have fun!  We have tea party’s, go places, buy stuff and I love to brush her beautiful, long, silky hair.  She is bright and energetic and smart and, man, has she got STYLE!  She is interested in all the things my boys were and many they were not!  She notices stuff!  Like new clothes, shoes, hairstyles.  Like when I haven’t shaved my legs or I have a menopausal pimple or how my boobs are BIG & JIGGLEY (not at all like Nana’s or Mummy’s)!

If you had told me that almost 6 years after Adrian’s death, I would be making sure all those things you do before going on a date, are once again being done – before a 4 year old comes to visit – I would not have believed you!  But, yes, I check that my clothes, makeup  & personal grooming are all up to scratch when Abi comes to visit!  If I don’t, she will notice – that stray chin hair, stinky breath, lack of earrings or old daggy clothes!

I am so thankful for this little ray of sunshine.  She keeps me on my toes and she freely gives me love and laughter and giggles and cuddles.  We will continue to grow together and I hope I can be a special person in her life forever!

And that question I asked Adrian all those years ago –  “Who are these people and do we have like them?”    Well, I’m so glad  that they became my Australia family and I don’t only like them – I love them!

Abi ponytail


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